Limited Edition



Original Woodblock Prints




Every print created by Patti is an original. She alone creates the print, from conception to completion. Working from watercolor studies, sketches, and imagination, she carves her images into wood or linoleum using tools and techniques similar to those used by artists in early centuries. A separate plate is carved for each color. She then applies a mixture of oil-based colored inks onto the surface of the plate with a roller or brayer. Next, imported printmaking paper is carefully placed over the inked plate using a registration system which allows subsequent impressions to precisely match. The plate and paper is then slowly compressed between the steel rollers and the bed of a large etching press to produce an inked impression. This process is repeated many times depending upon the number of colors in the print and the number of prints in the edition. From about ten artist's proofs, one will become the prototype in coloration for the edition to follow. Editions usually number between 40 and 90 prints. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist before being distributed to galleries for sale.


California Poppy, 13"x8", Edition of 40, $275

Golden Past I, 18"x24", Edition of 12, $1,450


Lupins, 13"x8", Edition of 35, $500



Promises to Keep, 13"x11", Edition of 22, $310



Poppies III, 13"x9", Edition of  50, $325


Storm Over Lake Cachuma, 24"x18", Edition of  12, $950


Dolphin, 6"x5", Edition of 20, $105


Winter Break, 13"x8", Edition of 15, $450

Floating Double, 6"x9", Edition of 50, $250


Golden Eagle, 9"x6", Edition of 30, $250


Great Blue, 6"x9", Edition of 30, $250


Mates, 13"x9", Edition of 15, $350


Spring Garden, 8"x6", edition of 75, $300 California Quail, 6"x4", edition of 20, $105
Golden King, 9"x12", edition of 8, $650
Two Roads, 13"x11", edition of 23, $310

Red in the Morning II, 18"x24", edition of 75, $820
Matilija Poppy, 9"x10", edition of 20, $210  




All prices are unframed.  Some framed prints are available.  Call for cost.